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Radiation Detection Products

D-tect Systems offers a rugged, field-ready line of equipment designed for accurate radiation detection. Our products are used widely by security personnel and first responders to combat the threat of dirty bombs, radioactive hazmat, and nuclear device components. They are used at security checkpoints to inspect for dangerous materials, hospitals to monitor and track radioactive waste, and landfills to check for hazardous materials. Our personal radiation detectors are carried by thousands of professionals every day.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most powerful, affordable, and deployable security products available.

The radiation detectors we offer are exceptionally fast and sensitive. They are engineered for and proven in the intense situations familiar to first responders. Intuitive design and large, bright displays support security personnel in making correct split-second decisions.

When there are important questions about possible radiation substances, turn to D-tect for fast, reliable answers – in the field, on the move and on location, anywhere monitoring activities require them.

Officer using a MiniRad-D

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