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Looking for a sensitive and affordable personal radiation detector? The MiniRad-D offers scintillation technology, automatic calibration, and intuitive control in a compact and rugged design. A 0.5” diam x 1.5” Cesium Iodide detector coupled with a high-sensitivity photo-multiplier tube picks up gamma radiation tens of meters away and offers more than 100 times the sensitivity of most Geiger counters.


Best of all, the MiniRad-D is as easy to use as a flashlight and requires just about as much training. It has a single switch that puts it into audible alarm mode, vibrate alarm mode, or turns it off. The MiniRad-D also automatically calibrates itself to the natural background radiation, maximizing its detection sensitivity in any environment.


When the Mini detects radiation it will alarm or vibrate, depending on which mode it’s in, and display a simple intensity number of a “1” to a “9” on a large, bright, easy-to-read LED display.


The MiniRad-D is designed to work in all weather conditions, survive submersion, endure a three-foot drop onto concrete, and work in high-density RF environments. The MiniRad-D uses two AA batteries to provide over 5,000 hours of battery life - over 2 years if used 48 hours per week.


The MiniRad-D also comes with a standard two-year warranty, insuring that your product works at peak condition to protect you.

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