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The MiniRad-DX is an advanced Personal Radiation Detector (PRD), a handheld security and inspection device, that detects emissions from radioactive material. The MiniRad-DX system can operate as a stand-alone detector or as the roving detection part of a larger MiniRad-DX and Rad-DX network for monitoring a building or facility.

Equipped with two bright, high-resolution screens, the user can get detailed information and adjust settings from the front screen and view critical information on the top screen even when it is holstered and hanging on a belt or pocket.


Each MiniRad-DX can act as a standalone radiation detector with audio and vibration alarms. Device information is available using the device’s menu. Additionally, once the MiniRad-DX comes within range of its mesh network, it will automatically upload data to our DX-View or DX-Dashboard software program through the device connected to the PC. It will also act as a repeater for that network. With each device connected to the network, the network's range is extended.


There are two options for monitoring a network of MiniRad-DX and Rad-DX units: The PC-based DX-View runs locally and the internet-based DX-Dashboard can be used on PCs, Apple and Android smartphones, and tablets to monitor the network anywhere there is cell coverage. DX-Dashboard can also be configured behind a firewall to support secure closed networks with no access to the internet.

mini rad-dx
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