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D Product Line


Need a fixed-position radiation detection solution? The Rad-D is a fixed-position radiation detector that is used to monitor doorways, driveways, and loading docks. A versatile device, it senses gamma and neutron detection in under a second and can trigger active responses such as halting conveyor belts or lowering a blockade.


Looking for a sensitive and affordable personal radiation detector? The MiniRad-D offers scintillation technology, automatic calibration, and intuitive control in a compact and rugged design. A 0.5” diam x 1.5” Cesium Iodide detector coupled with a high-sensitivity photo-multiplier tube picks up gamma radiation tens of meters away and offers more than 100 times the sensitivity of most Geiger counters.


Find hidden radiation on the go! The MiniRad-V is a sophisticated scintillation detection system outfitted for use aboard a vehicle. This two-unit system is powered by 12V DC, just like your vehicle, meaning no more battery charges or exchanges.

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