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Need a fixed-position radiation detection solution? The Rad-D, a part of the D-Series, is a fixed-position radiation detector that is used to monitor doorways, driveways, and loading docks. A versatile device, it senses gamma and neutron detection in under a second and can trigger active responses such as halting conveyor belts or lowering a blockade.

A major advantage that the Rad-D has over competing radiation detection systems is that it is compact and can be mounted anywhere. Each Rad-D system comes equipped with a Bluetooth wireless link and can support four detectors – operating simultaneously – each up to 150 feet away from the display electronics. The detectors are available for purchase as either omnidirectional or uni-directional. The uni-directional version ensures that the unit is triggered only by what is directly in front of it, not by what is in the next traffic lane or on a parallel conveyor belt.


Like the MiniRad-D, the Rad-D is extremely user-friendly. It provides the operator with a single-digit read on a scale of “1” to “9” to show the strength of the detected radiation. The Rad-D also shows the actual count of photons or neutrons and automatically calibrates itself to the natural background radiation environment to maximize its detection sensitivity.


Secure your factory, loading dock, or entryway with this sensitive and efficient D-tect Systems product.

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