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Radiological Detection System

D-tect Systems Radiological Detection System (RDS) is a universal radiation detection system. The main feature is the Base Unit, which detects Beta and Gamma radiation, and acts as a common interface for six probes that are used for specialized radiation detection applications. ​

RDS Base Unit and all Probes

The Radiological Detection System was developed after the joint forces faced equipment interoperability challenges during Operation Tomodachi (the clean-up after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan).


  • One of the system’s defining features is its smart probe technology.

  • Any RDS probe can be connected to any Base Unit without recalibration.

  • It stores over 45 hours of data that can be transferred easily to a computer for further analysis.

  • RDS is ergonomically designed and can be used with protective gloves.

  • Its stealth mode and headphone functionality improves use when in combat situations.

D-tect Systems Radiological Detection System (RDS) is a cutting-edge solution for universal radiation detection. Developed after joint forces faced interoperability challenges during Operation Tomodachi (the clean-up after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan), this innovative system offers unmatched versatility and functionality to meet the demands of specialized radiation detection applications.

At the heart of the RDS is the advanced Base Unit, which not only detects Beta and Gamma radiation with precision but also serves as a seamless interface for six different probes. This unique feature allows users to effortlessly switch between probes without recalibration, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Equipped with smart probe technology, the RDS offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use. Its intelligent design enables any RDS probe to be connected to any Base Unit, ensuring compatibility across the system. Furthermore, the system's storage capacity of over 45 hours of data enables comprehensive monitoring and analysis, with seamless data transfer to a computer for further examination.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the RDS boasts an ergonomic design that accommodates protective gloves, making it ideal for use in hazardous environments. The system also features a stealth mode and headphone functionality, enhancing usability during combat situations, creating optimal performance even in high-pressure scenarios.

D-tect Systems Radiological Detection System (RDS) represents a new era in radiation detection technology. With its unrivaled versatility, smart probe compatibility, extensive data storage capabilities, and user-centric design, the RDS empowers professionals in various fields, from military and emergency response teams to nuclear facilities and environmental agencies—Trust D-tect Systems to provide reliable, efficient, and accurate radiation detection for the most demanding applications.

RDS Products

RDS Base Unit

Powerful and easy-to-use radiation detection. Powers and displays the full suite of RDS probes

Alpha Beta Probe

Detect alpha and beta surface contamination

Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Pancake Probe

Small and lightweight probe for detecting alpha, beta, and gamma contamination

Beta Photon Probe

Expanded capability for detecting high energy photons and beta radiation

Neutron Probe

Solid state neutron detection from 0.025 eV to 15 MeV

Sensitive Gamma Probe

Detect low levels of gamma radiation across a broad range of energies

RDS Accessories

Expand the RDS capabilities with a broad range of rugged equipment options


Simultaneously detect low-energy x-ray and gamma radiation over four energy windows

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Learn more about the RDS operation and specifications

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