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DX Product Line

rad-DX on a wall

The Rad-DX is a radiation area monitoring system with networking capabilities. It operates on the D-tect SensorNet which is an automatic communication network that allows users to monitor a full network of Rad-DXs and MiniRad-DXs as long as they are in range of a single Rad-DX system! The Rad-DX units will automatically form an intelligent, self-healing mesh network, allowing them to be constantly connected as well as to the user network.


The MiniRad-DX is a handheld security and inspection device that detects emissions from radioactive material. The MiniRad-DX system can operate as a stand-alone detector or as the roving detection part of a larger MiniRad-DX and Rad-DX network for monitoring a building or facility.

Rad-DX NEMA Enclosure

The Rad-DX has a version that is built into a NEMA Enclosure. This rugged, heavy-duty enclosure includes two higher gain antennas, a longer-lasting backup battery, and a cooling fan. Mounting holes are positioned in strategic locations for easy installation. A metal band is provided that allows for installation on curved surfaces such as power poles. This enclosure is an excellent way to monitor an extensive outdoor facility.


The DX-Link is a small wireless USB device designed to facilitate mesh communication with one or more Rad-DX detectors. These devices can be used to replace the USB cable between a PC and Rad-DX, as gateways to monitor an entire Rad-DX network, and as an intermediary or 'repeater' to improve the signal strength of the mesh network.


DX-View is a PC application used to monitor and configure Rad-DX detectors. Multiple detectors can be configured as long as one detector or DX-Link is connected to the PC directly and the other detectors are configured to communicate via the mesh network.

DX-Dashboard home screen

The DX-Dashboard is a web-based software used to monitor and control a Rad-DX network remotely. It runs on either the D-tect Cloud Server or the DX-Assistant. Access your Rad-DX network using any web-enabled device.

The DX-Assistant is a stand-alone local server specifically designed to support a network of Rad-DX radiation detectors inside your protected firewall. This equipment comes with the DX-Dashboard software.

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