D-tect Radiation Detection Products - Rugged, Sensitive and Easy to Use

Radiation and Chemical Detection Technologies

D-tect Systems offers a rugged, field-ready line of equipment designed for accurate radiation detection and identification as well as chemical analysis. D-tect Systems' products are used widely by first responders to combat the urgent threat of substances such as “dirty bomb” materials, nuclear device components, and toxic industrial chemicals. Our mission is to provide homeland security and other agencies with the most powerful, affordable, and deployable security products available.

The D-tect radiation detectors, radiation identifiers, and chemical identification equipment are exceptionally sensitive and offer quick response times. D-tect Systems devices have been engineered and extensively tested for use in toxic environments by first responders. Intuitive design and large, bright displays ensure security personnel to make accurate split-second decisions.

Why use D-tect Products?

Standard Features of all D-tect Products

  • Rugged - D-tect Products are designed to be used in the intense situations commonly found in the field.
  • Sensitive - The scintillation detectors in our devices are fast, sensitive (up to 100 times more sensitive than Geiger-Mueller detectors) and are manufactured in-house to maximize sensitivity and reliability.
  • Easy to Use - Intuitive user interfaces provide easy, quick access to valuable information.

Additional Features of the DX Product Line

  • D-tect SensorNet (Mesh Network) - Once configured to the network, all DX Devices in range automatically connect to our Advanced Self-Healing Network.
  • Data Logging - Upon connecting to the DX Network, data logs from all devices can be downloaded for review and storage.
  • Remote Monitoring - All DX-Devices connected to a DX SensorNet Network can be remotely monitored with the DX-Dashboard software on PCs, SmartPhones and Tablets.

When there are important questions about possible radiation or chemical substances, turn to D-tect for fast, reliable answers – in the field, on the move and on location, anywhere monitoring activities require them.


Rad-DX in Wired

D-tect Radiation Detection Products - Rugged, Sensitive and Easy to Use