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Rad-DX with NEMA Enclosure

IMG_4269-white-bkgd copy.jpg

The Rad-DX has a version that is built into a NEMA-rated enclosure. This enclosure includes two higher gain antennas, a longer-lasting backup battery, and a cooling fan. Mounting holes are positioned in strategic locations for easy installation. Also provided is a metal band that allows for installment on curved surfaces such as power poles.

Integrated Fan: An integrated fan is mounted on the door of the enclosure. While AC power is connected to the enclosure, the fan continues to run, providing an improved, cooler operating temperature for the detector.


Larger, High-Gain Antennas: The standard Rad-DX has two built-in antennas—one for Wi-Fi and the other for Mesh communication. The NEMA enclosure option comes with two larger, higher-gain antennas.

Larger Capacity Backup Battery: A larger capacity backup battery provides longer operating times in the event of a power outage. Once AC power is disconnected the cooling fan will stop, allowing for longer emergency operation.

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