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D-tect Systems offers a rugged, field-ready line of equipment designed for accurate radiation detection. Our products are used widely by security personnel and first responders to combat the threat of dirty bombs, radioactive hazmat, and nuclear device components. They are used at security checkpoints to inspect for dangerous materials, hospitals to monitor and track radioactive waste, and landfills to check for hazardous materials. Our personal radiation detectors are carried by thousands of professionals every day.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most powerful, affordable, and deployable security products available.

The radiation detectors we offer are exceptionally fast and sensitive. They are engineered for and proven in the intense situations familiar to first responders. Intuitive design and large, bright displays support security personnel in making correct split-second decisions.

When there are important questions about possible radiation substances, turn to D-tect for fast, reliable answers – in the field, on the move and on location, anywhere monitoring activities require them.

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The MiniRad-DX is a handheld security and inspection device that detects emissions from radioactive material. The MiniRad-DX system can operate as a stand-alone detector or as the roving detection part of a larger MiniRad-DX and Rad-DX network for monitoring a building or facility. Learn more about the MiniRad-DX...



The DX-Link is a small wireless USB device designed to facilitate mesh communication with one or more Rad-DX detectors. These devices can be used to replace the USB cable between a PC and Rad-DX, as gateways to monitor an entire Rad-DX network, and as an intermediary or 'repeater' to improve the signal strength of the mesh network.Learn 



The Rad-DXG is a fixed-position radiation detection gateway monitor. A ruggedized, industrial grade monitor which can link into an existing Rad-DX network, controlled with the mounted touch-screen display and monitored via the DX-View or the DX-Dashboard software. Learn more about the Rad-DXG...

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The Rad-DX is a mesh networked radiation detector with sensitive scintillator crystals that can be mounted just about anywhere. The Rad-DX runs on the D-tect SensorNet, allowing the user to monitor a full network of Rad-DX units from a tablet or PC. Data including dose rates can be viewed real-time or from past event logs.

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The MiniRad-V is a personal radiation detection device that is designed for use aboard a vehicle. Housing a sensitive Cesium Iodide scintillation gamma radiation detector, the MiniRad-V is powered directly by your vehicle.



The Rad-DX has a version that is built into a NEMA Enclosure. This rugged, heavy duty enclosure includes two higher gain antennas, a longer lasting backup battery, and a cooling fan. Mounting holes are positioned in strategic locations for easy installation. A metal band is provided that allows for installation on curved surfaces such



DX-View is a PC application used to monitor and configure Rad-DX detectors. Multiple detectors can be configured as long as one detector or DX-Link is connected to the PC directly and the other detectors are configured to communicate via the mesh network. Learn more about the DX-view software...



The Portable Rad-DXG is a portable radiation detection portal monitor designed for mobility and quick deployment. It includes 2-4 individual detectors mounted in the frame. It can connect to an existing Rad-DX network, controlled with the mounted touch-screen display and monitored via the DX-View or the DX-Dashboard software. Learn more 

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The sentry-SEAL secures and protects access to any drawer, panel, cabinet, or door. The Sentry-Seal interfaces with the Sentry-RMS to provide real-time monitoring, alarm notification to security personnel, and breach notification via SMS and/or email to select individuals.

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The Rad-D is a fixed-position radiation detector designed to monitor doorways, driveways, or loading docks. This device can inspect packages or luggage on conveyor belts, and transimits information via Bluetooth or serial communication to a central control unit.



The DX-Assistant is a stand-alone local server specifically designed to support a network of Rad-DX radiation detectors inside your own protected firewall. This equipment comes with the DX-Dashboard software. Learn more about the DX-Assistant...



The DX-Dashboard is a web-based software which is used to monitor and control a Rad-DX network remotely. It runs on either the D-tect Cloud Server or the DX-Assistant (if installed at your facility). Using the DX-Dashboard, you can access your Rad-DX network using any web-enabled device (smartphones, tablets, PCs). Learn more about 

Sentry-RMS (1).jpg

The sentry-RMS is a high-security networked monitoring station that allows real-time sensor and video monitoring by multiple operators across secure and encrypted data links. The PC monitoring software is easy to use and data and video logging is automatic.

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The MiniRad-D is a rugged, all-weather radiation detector that’s small enough to wear on a belt yet powerful enough to quickly locate low-level radioactive sources. It automatically calibrates to background radiation and features audio and vibrate modes.

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When just finding radiation isn’t enough, the Rad-ID quickly identifies radioactive isotopes with the touch of a button. An advanced handheld radiation identifier, the Rad-ID has 91 distinct radioisotopes in its customizable library, including medical isotopes, industrial isotopes, and special nuclear materials.

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