Portable Rad-DXG - Portable Portal Radiation Detector

Rad-DXG Portal Monitor

The portable Rad-DXG is a ruggedized, portable gateway monitor that can be utilized to screen large numbers of persons quickly for low levels of gamma and beta radiation. The portable Rad-DXG utilizes up to 6 large area plastic scintillation detectors designed to meet the measuring requirements of FEMA standard for portable portal monitors. The instrument is weather resistant, light weight, and easy to assemble without tools.

The portable Rad-DXG comes with a durable carrying case, complete with casters. The system automatically counts the person passing through the portal and is equipped with a real time clock, which displays the correct date, time and year. All of the data for the system is stored in a non-volatile memory, capable of maintaining the data for 10 years.

Utilizing the latest field proven, microprocessor circuitry and large area plastic scintillators the portable Rad-DXG accurately and rapidly measures beta (above 500 keV) radiation and gamma radiation from 60 keV to 2MeV. The instrument is very user friendly and can be utilized by persons with minimal training. Radiation detection performed is by 4 to 6 plastic scintillators with a total volume of up to 972 cubic inches. Each Scintillator has a 0.031 aluminum window that permits the portable Rad-DXG to measure higher energy beta and gamma radiation to 60 keV. The scintillators are contained in a durable aluminum housing that is very weather resistant and can be quickly disassembled without tools. The readout and data entry are accessed through a large area color monitor that utilizes a touch sensitive screen for all data input.

An optional vehicle packages is available which allows the portable Rad-DXG to be converted to scan cars and trucks for radioactive materials and contamination The system can be set in either the drive through or timed count operating mode and can be converted back to a standard gateway monitor in less than five minutes.

The portable Rad-DXG comes in four different models, the base model with two scintillation detectors on either side, models with either a foot detector or a head detector in addition to the standard four side detectors and a model with all six detectors.

The portable Rad-DXG can be fully integrated into the DX network and monitored remotely via the DX-View monitoring software.

For more information about portable Rad-DXG's, click here for the Rad-DXG Brochure.


Mission Portable Portal Radiation Monitor
Radiation Detector 4 to 6 separate 36" L x 3" W x 1.5" D Plastic Scintillators
Operating Modes Walk through, drive through, timed count, area monitor
Communication D-tect SensorNet, Ethernet
Audible Commands and Alarms Preprogrammed with commands that coincide with operations; commands can be custom configured
Display Full Color VGA touch sensitive screen
Range 0-100,000 cps
Range Adjustment Auto ranging system measures for persons/vehicles
Detection Speed < 1 Second
Power 120 - 250V AC, Battery backup nominal 18 hours
Sensitivity Processing Rates Optical sensor automatically senses a person/vehicle entering counting area; keeps count of number of uses
Person/Vehicle Sensor and Counter Approximately 500 persons/hr; meets FEMA sensitivity requirements for < 1uCi Cs-137 detection
Environmental -20° F(-28° C)-140° F(60° C) | 5-95% RH
Construction Aluminum and Stainless Steel Housing
Dimensions Inside 84" tall x 36" wide
Outside 87" tall x 42" wide
Weight 75 lbs w/out case - 110 lbs w/case
High Voltage 300-1500 VDC +- 1% regulation
Drift 5%