DX-Link - DX Network Adapter


The DX-Link is one of the supporting products for the Rad-DX product line. They also communicate through the D-tect SensorNet. This is a communication network that allows users to monitor a full network of Rad-DXs as long as they are in range of another Rad-DX system or DX-Link. The individual Rad-DX and DX-Link units form an intelligent, self-healing mesh network, allowing for a constant connection to each other as well as to the user network.

DX-Link devices can act as repeaters as long as they have power. This means that they can be plugged into a standard USB port with no software needed to relay messages. Using an AC adapter, they can also be plugged into electrical outlets as show above.

For more information, click here for the D-tect Product Overview Brochure or here for the Rad-DX Product Manual.

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Mission USB Access Point and Range Extender
Communication D-tect SensorNet, USB
Weight 31.6 g
Environment Indoor operation
DX-Link - DX Network Adapter