DX-Dashboard - Web-Based Radiation Detector Monitor

What's New in DX Dashboard 2.0

The DX-Dashboard software is web-based and is used to monitor and control a Rad-DX network remotely. It runs on either the D-tect Cloud Server or the DX Network Assistant (if installed at your facility). Using DX-Dashboard, you can access your Rad-DX network using any web-enabled device (smartphones, tablets, PCs). To access the network, you will need to input your username and password.

D-tect is pleased to announce the release of DX-Dashboard 2.0. Below is a table explaining the primary updates for Version 2.0.

Feature Location Explanation
Updated Device Icons Home Screen The icons representing each rad-DX device will change from small round icons to icons that resemble the devices, whether they be the Rad-DX, Mini Rad-DX, or DX Link.
Serial Number Field Device Settings: Device tab There will be a field in the Device Settings page to where you can add the device’s serial number.
Daylight Savings Time Device Settings: Properties tab The time can now be adjusted for Daylight Savings time in the Device Settings Properties page.
Device ID and Device Name Display Device Settings: All tabs The Device ID and the Device Name are now displayed on all pages under the Device Settings tab.
3rd Party USB Relay Port Configuration Device Settings: Alarm tab The Rad-DX can be connected to an external siren/strobe light through an external USB-powered relay port. The current version of Dashboard does not support the configuration necessary for the Rad-DX to communicate with the USB relay port. Using version 2.0 you will be able to configure the Rad-DX to communicate with the USB-powered relay port in the Device Setting Alarm page.
Acknowledge Alarm Device Settings: Alarm tab The Acknowledge Alarm feature, when enabled, causes the Rad-DX alarm to “latch” or to stay alarming when a radiation alarm occurs. The device will not stop alarming until the user presses the Acknowledgement popup on the device. This new feature requires the Rad-DX firmware version 265.
Mac Address Device Settings: Ethernet tab The Mac Address for the device is displayed under Device Settings in the Ethernet tab.
Firmware Version Number Device Settings: Firmware tab The current version of firmware being used in the device is displayed under Device Settings in the Firmware tab.
Image Size Information Main Settings screen The image size/aspect ratio is provided so you don’t have to guess on the size of your background image on the Main Settings screen.

Will the firmware on my current Rad-DX need to be updated?

Your current Rad-DX units will continue to work and communicate just fine with this new update. However, to take advantage of all the features and enhancements we strongly recommend updating your Rad-DX(s) to the newest firmware, version 265. Navigate to the downloads page to download the latest Rad-DX firmware.

In addition to the DX Dashboard update, we have an updated DX Dashboards Setup Tool available for download. Click here to download.

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